OE Hit the River

In May, our  Outdoor Ed 3/4 class went on a white water rafting trip down the Mitchell River. Starting in Angusvale, we slowly adjusted to the rafts and eventually got to the Slalam Rapid, our first grade 3. After passing that with minor setbacks, we made it to our campsite, Jerguson Point. We got over all the major hurdles that night, like going to the toilet in a communal bucket, sleeping under a tarp, and not having any pillows, and woke up in the morning to beautiful weather, ready to get paddling again.

We cooked a wonderful “dogs breakfast” in the morning (which turned out to be a bacon, egg, and avocado sandwich) and set out for our biggest challenge, the Amphitheatre rapid. After admiring the beautiful views along the river, even seeing a deer trying to cross the stream and having a drink, we turned a corner, heard a loud running water sound, and knew we had found it. Unfortunately, due to the water level, we were unable to complete the first part of the rapid, but the other 2 proved to be a good challenge and also fun. After stopping for a quick lunch break, which consisted of slop (a Mexican-style wrap) and some muesli bars, we got back paddling and reached our last campsite, Adams Track. We quickly set up camp, lit the fire, prepared dinner, and then got to sleep, keen to get to the Den of Nargun.

Waking up to pouring rain, we were slow to get going, but eventually, we had to get going, hiking through the tropical rainforest. which was reminiscent of The Jungle Book. After what felt like hours, we made it to the Den, and a wave of serenity washed over us, both from how remarkable the sight was and knowing that our trip was finally over. We made an even longer hike uphill to the car park, got changed, and finally made our way home.

Francis Edwards and Will Brunton- Yr 11

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