Student wellbeing

This section of the school’s website provides essential information for students and parents – we know that success (academically and outside of school) is influenced by our physical and mental wellbeing, so the information on this part of the website aims to provide you with handy tips and advice around staying well and being safe. If you want further information, please speak to Student Wellbeing Coordinator Jess Mitchell.

Feeling stressed? This is sure to make you relaxed

Smiling Mind is modern meditation for young people. It is a unique web and App-based program, designed to help bring balance to young lives.

It is a not-for-profit initiative based on a process that provides a sense of clarity, calm and contentment:

Smiling mind iphone app

Smiling mind iphone app

(free through iTunes store)

All things exams

Beating exam stress

Classroom issues

Dealing with exam results

Exam tips

Hints for making the most of school

How to get motivated

How to set goals

How to study

Helpful resources –  Great advice about everything to do with being a teenager! – Feeling down or anxious? Check this out. – Free and confidential help if you’re struggling with a problem (via web, email or telephone) – Again, free and confidential help (web, email or telephone) – All things careers! – Not sure what you want to do when you leave school? Want to know more about a particular career? Check out this site.