At Yarram Secondary College we provide a comprehensive education for all of our students. It is our aim to develop well rounded individuals who become lifelong learners.

We offer a broad range of VCE subjects, have state of the art Technology and Art facilities and an extremely successful Music Program.

Year 7 Learning Community

The Year Seven Learning Community is based upon an ‘Inquiry Model’ that will foster a love of learning and teach toward creating well rounded students in the areas of personal and social learning, discipline based learning and interdisciplinary learning. The Community will build students that are independent, responsible and have the ability of reflection and metacognition. Strong foundations will be built in literacy and numeracy throughout the year.

Each of the students will be working toward becoming effective in the following areas:

  • Responsibility for Learning
  • Team Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Thinking and Questioning
  • Real Learning
  • Tolerance and Acceptance

Year 9 Program

The Year 9 program is designed to develop students who are both academic achievers and positive contributors to our community. We have based our curriculum development on four key points from the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PoLT).

  1. Greater emphasis on student centered learning as opposed to a curriculum centered approach.
  2.  Schools to establish close links with the outside organisations and individuals who can support the school.
  3. There will be increasing use of off campus learning resources in the wider community.
  4.  Developing and sustaining a committed community of learners.

Year 10

The subjects offered at Year 10 level provide a breadth of experiences across the Key Learning Areas and are designed specifically for Year 10 students to prepare them for further studies in years 11 & 12, which include a choice of VET, VCAL and VCE subjects.

Level 10 is an important transition year from the Middle Years of structured education to the Post Compulsory Pathways Years.  Year 10 is a time for students to make decisions about their future. By Year 10, students are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and their likes and dislikes within the curriculum. It is a time to think about preferred career paths and students with the help of their parents and teachers should be making choices not only for Year 10 but beyond secondary school.