The college currently runs two ICT programs designed for students using notebooks or tablets:

School managed notebooks

These are Windows notebooks that parents can purchase through the school. Each machine comes with 3 years onsite warranty and 3 years accidental damage/theft insurance. All faults and repairs are handled by the school’s ICT department.

YSC Laptop Models 2020

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Students can bring their own device to connect to the school’s wireless system (as long as it meets the school’s requirements). The college offers some additional services (such as BYOD Printing and access to Office 365) but does not offer any further software/hardware support to personal devices.

The college also has a number of laptops for loan through the college’s library system. There are also a few computer labs located throughout the school that students can use if needed.

School ICT Policy

YSC Internet and ICT Acceptable Use Policy 2020