A Town Called Malice

Students are starting to get excited as rehearsals ramp up for this year’s production “A Town Called Malice” The Production will be held on the nights of Wednesday and Thursday May 24th & 25th starting at 7pm at the Regent Theatre.

A Town Like Malice is a fun story of good versus evil set around a small town newspaper called the Real Truth Network. Edna (Ma) Malice and her children Nancy, Dylan, and Jamie run the town of Malice spreading lies through their ownership of all the media outlets.  Their rivals are the Lionheart family with Felix and Lou Lionheart’s commitment to doing good. When Nancy and Felix become friends and Nancy wants to be a good person the town of Malice faces a challenge of internet towers, misinformation, and cosplay.

 The production will see some performers who have been on stage in a number of school shows, but will also see some new faces grace the stage for the first time.

Tickets are $15 for Adults, $10 concession and secondary students, $6 primary students

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