Wellington Shoot

The Interhouse Shooting competition seems to have definitely assisted Yarram Secondary College students improve their scores. In the competition that took place on 19th October, four students were successful in obtaining places. Mitchell Collins came second in Junior Boys and his brother Blake came third. Blake had to shoot off with two students from Gippsland Grammar, Khyden Vicino and Dylan Jacobson for third position. Yarram also did very well in the Junior Girls division with Turrie Teo coming second  and Emily Finn third. All students were again commended on their excellent sportsmanship and manners. One referee stated, Dylan Jacobson, was extremely well mannered and had managed to thank him for every cartridge he was given. Tyler Rendell and Mason Bragg shot 19/25, just missing a place in Senior Boys by a target.

The Clay Target Team has also been very fortunate in receiving a very generous donation from Ken Barlow. This has been very much appreciated as it will assist in the purchase of new equipment.


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