Interhouse Athletics

The Inter house Athletics were held on the last Thursday of Term and after a fierce day of competition, Falcons came through with the winning trophy.

Interhouse athletics

Overall Results

1st Falcons- 1880

2nd Sharks- 1646

3rd Eagles- 1393

Age Champions

13yrs- Thomas Batters- Sharks and Joanna Trotta-Eagles

14yrs- Archie Francis-Sharks and Lexie Francis-Sharks

15yrs- Jack Scott-Sharks and Lily Marazzato-Falcons

16yrs- Shannon Beer-Falcons and Grace Cook-Falcons

17yrs-Zeke Etherington-Eagles and Lily Kerrison-Male-Falcons

Open- Zac Clarke-Falcons and Jade Duve-Eagles

School Values Award

13yrs- Jude Williams-Falcons and Zoe Hustwayte-Sharks

14yrs- Cohen Farley-Eagles and Jaimee Baird-Falcons

15yrs-Zavier Hanin-Falcons and Gemma Sturgess-Falcons

16yrs-Shannon Beer-Falcons and Skye Hogan- Eagles

17yrs-Zeke Etherington-Eagles and Emily Williams-Falcons

Open-Leo Cashmore-Eagles and Evie Collins-Sharks

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