Fun in the Sun and Pool

On a beautiful day last week, students and staff enjoyed a day at the pool for the annual Interhouse Swimming Sports. A great atmosphere persisted throughout the day as students and teachers cheered on their house competitors. VCAL students ran a bbq all day for the hungry hoards, which was very popular. The competition was as hot as the sun, and in the end, Sharks were victors, breaking the 5 year stronghold Falcons have had in the pool.


1st Sharks 762

2nd Falcons 746

3rd Eagles 551

Age Group champions

13yrs- Thomas Batters-Sharks and Esther Hinkley-Falcons

14yrs- Oliver Praetz-Eagles and Aroha Anderson- Sharks

15yrs- Jack Van de Lustgrasaf-Sharks, and Bobb-Jayne Collins- Falcons

16yrs- Tanner Hall-Falcons and Katelyn Van de Lustgraaf-Sharks and Grace Cook-

17yrs Luke Hunter-Eagles and Sylvia Akers-Falcons

Open- Leo Cashmore-Eagles and Madison Avery- Sharks

School Values awards

13yrs Jakara Braybrook-Sharks and Rowan Pearson-Eagles

14yrs- Breeanna Platt-Falcons and Lachlan Crawford-sharks

15yrs- Lydia Trotta- Eagles and Hector Macaulay-Falcons

16yrs- Skye Hogan-Eagles and Dylan Coulthard- Sharks

17yrs- Kate Ryan-Eagles and Ash Maiden-Falcons

Open Lilly Temby-Amberghassi-Falcons and Leo Cashmore-Eagles

Records                                                                                                                                                            New Records were created for 3 events in the butterfly, whilst one was broken.

 Oliver Praetz 14yrs Butterfly 32.80 secs

Jack Van de Lustgraaf 15yrs Butterfly 23.77

Katelyn Van de Lustgraaf 16yrs Butterfly 35.74

Leo Cashmore Open Butterfly 23.91 (Jarrod Vening  27.95-2016)