Eagles and Falcons become Shark Bait!

A great day was held by all in attendance at the annual Interhouse Swimming Carnival last Friday. This day is one of the many highlights of the school year, where students and staff dress in their crazy coloured outfits and scream their lungs out for their teams. The house dance off, team swims, the cardboard boat and surfboard races are great for all involved, but there is still an edge of seriousness as students vie for placings in the individual and relay races. This year there were 6 records broken and 3 new ones created, with year 7 student Macy Praetz being the toast of the school , breaking 2 records by 100th’s of seconds and totally smashing 1 by 40 secs. Not to be outdoen her brother Oliver also smashed a record by 1 minute.

Age Group champs were crowned, record breakers acknowledged and special school value certificates were give to students who participated on the day and showed committement, empathy and integrity, while perhaps not gaining placings in the pool.


1st Sharks

2nd Falcons

3rd Eagles

Age Champs

13yrs- M Jesse Boyd/ Eddie Steele F- Macy Praetz

14yrs- M Thomas Batters F- Sydney Kee

15yrs M- Oliver Praetz F- Aroha Anderson

16yrs-M- Jack Van de Lustgraaf F- Aimee Minett

17yrs M- Tanner Hall F- Grace Cook

Open-M Luke Hunter F- Sylvia Akers


Macy Praetz U13 F 50m Freestyle 23.02 (1971 Bree Henderson 23:38)

Tanner Hall U17 M 50 Freestyle 19.80 (2021 Leo Cashmore 20:02)

Jed Serradura U13 M 50m Backstroke 28.40 (2017 Leo Cashmore 29:10)

Macy Praetz U 13 F 50m Breaststroke 31:09  (1997 Bree Henderson 31:52)

Macy Praetz U13 F 100m Freestyle 1:20:00 (2016 Emma Van de Lustgraaf 2:00:00)

Oliver Praetz U15 M 100m Freestyle 1:08:00 (2016 Bailey Baron 2:08:00)

Thomas Batters U14 M 100m Freestyle 1:37:00 (new record)

Jack Van de Lustgraaf U16 M 100 Freestyle 1:20:00 (new record)

Aimee Minett U16 F 100M Freestyle 1:27:00 (new record)

School Values Awards

Grace Scott, Leilani Trotta, Jed Serradura, Jordan Bernhard Kelly, Sam Clarke, Jesse Boyd, Rowan Pearson, Ella Pickering, Lily Gregory, Cooper Selby, Lyla Banfield, Breeanna Platt

It was a fantastic day and well done to all who attended and those who participated.

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