Amazing awards to finish the year

Yarram Secondary College finished the 2021 year on a high with an amazing outdoor award ceremony at the school. due to covid restrictions and uncertainty around what may or may not be the rules of the day, a decision was made to hold the ceremony in the outdoor space under the shade cloth. Many students, parents and guests attended. The day was filled with laughter and tears as we farewelled another year of certainly and a focus on a better 2022.

Principal Brett Pedlow spoke about the love and support the YSC community show each other from bothe the James street and Devon North campuses.

Hannah Finn was awarded Dux of 2021 ahead of a fine field of students, which saw a some wonderful results.

The school was thrilled to have YDHS CEO, Paul Head attend the ceremony, where it was announced 4 bursaries of $7500 were awarded to students wishing to do medical or allied health courses at university, in the hope they will return to Yarram to serve their community on completion. The school was thrilled to have this continued association with YDHS. The school is grateful to all the community groups and individuals who support these awards foinally every year.


SUBJECT                                                DONATED BY                                                RECIPIENT

ACCOUNTING                                     DMG Financial (Yarram) Pty Ltd                                     Corey Vicino        

BIOLOGY                                             Yarram Veterinary Centre                                               Hannah Finn

CHEMISTRY                                        Geoff and Kaye Neilson                                     Grace Furlong & Hannah Finn

ENGINEERING                                    AirEng Pty Ltd                                                               Leo Cashmore

ENGLISH                                             The Bridge- B & D Lucas                                                Lily Kerrison-Male

ENGLISH ORALS                                 Yarram Apex Club                                                          Lily Kerrison-Male

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE                Shellie Cashmore                                                         Emma Van de Lustgraaf

FOOD STUDIES                                   DCD Concreting                                                            Alicia Jones      

HEALTH & HUMAN DEVELOPMENT     Woolworths                                                                   Evie Collins

LEGAL                                                  Trevor Yong & Assoc                                                     Ellie Thunder

FURTHER MATHEMATICS                   Garry & Judy Stephens                                                 Emma Van de Lustgraaf

MATHEMATICS METHODS                  HVP Plantations                                                            Grace Furlong   

OUTDOOR EDUCATION                      Cooper’s Mitre 10 Hardware                                           Amy Janssen   

HISTORY                                             Artichoke Books                                                            Luca Langdon PHYSICAL EDUCATION                       Yarram Country Club                                                     Amy Janssen

VET MUSIC                                          Willow’s Plumbing & Gas Fitting                                      William Lay      

PSYCHOLOGY                                     Michelle Tschugguel                                                      Ellie Thunder

ART- Studio Arts                                   Warren Curry                                                                Alexi Glebov

VISUAL COMMUNICATION                  Bendigo Bank                                                                Jarian Long

YOUTH ADVANCE                               Office of Youth Development                                  Katelyn Van de Lustgraaf                       

HEADSTART AWARD                          Headstart Apprenticeships & Traineeships                       Leo Cashmore  

1st YEAR VET STUDENT                       Teddulcie Farms – L & S Roberts                                     Adam Janssen

2ND YEAR VET STUDENT                     Rotary Club of Yarram                                                    Jarian Long

FOUNDATION VCAL STUDENT OF THE YEAR Yarram Neighbourhood House                            Ashley Maiden  

SENIOR VCAL STUDENT OF THE YEAR          Yarram Engineering                                           Sheridan Venables

DEVON NORTH CAMPUS  ACHIEVEMENT AWARD                                                                  Emma Travers               DEVON NORTH CAMPUS   SENIOR  PERSONAL GROWTH AWARD                            Daniel Temby-Amberghasi

DEVON NORTH CAMPUS JUNIOR   PERSONAL GROWTH AWARD                              Annika Knott-Gathercole

TAFE GIPPSLAND   STUDENT OF THE YEAR   TAFE Gippsland                                                   Brock  DuVe      



JUNIOR BOY                                                                                                                Jack Van de Lustgraaf

JUNIOR GIRL                                                                                                               Lily Marazzato

SENIOR GIRL                                                                                                               Evie Collins

SENIOR BOY                                                                                                               Luke Hunter

CROSS COUNTRY                   Kelvin Wilson Memorial Award                                        Trent Askew                 

INTERHOUSE CUP                                                                                                      Falcons

AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC CHANGEMAKERS AWARD                                            Kara and Trent Askew            




YARRAM SECONDARY COLLEGE ART ACQUISITION                                                  Joel Bowden

DEVON NORTH ART ACQUISITION                                                                             Blade Dwyer                

PRICE FAMILY BURSARY                                                                                            Elle Rouse

GRAEME EGAN SCIENCE BURSARY- Geoff & Kaye Neilson                                          Sylvia Akers                 

DAVID JOHNSTON YOUTH INITIATIVE AWARD- Alberton Timber & Treatment Plant       Lily Laurence                

DAVID IND MEMORIAL AWARD- Alberton Timber & Treatment Plant                               Sylvia Akers

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC                                      Don Borthwick                                     Charlie Ireland              

JOHN ANDREWS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-The Andrews Family                               Tyson Skarratt

TARRA TARAS PERFORMING ARTS AWARD                                                                 Ella Emberson

WELLINGTON SHIRE COMMUNITY ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD                                Emma Van de Lustgraaf

AMPOL BEST ALL ROUNDER AWARD                                                                         Felicity Baird

YARRAM APEX CLUB CITIZENSHIP AWARD                                                                Ellie Thunder                

YARRAM APEX CLUB CITIZENSHIP AWARD                                                                Amy Janssen

LIONS CLUB AWARD – GIRL                                                                                        Leilani Trotter

LIONS CLUB AWARD – BOY                                                                                          Frank Cupples

ROUSSAC PARTNERSHIP AWARD                                                                              Lily Kerrison-Male         

DIERICKX AWARD FOR MATHS/PHYSICS –Kerrison-Male Family                                  Lucas Farley

TARRA LODGE YEAR 9 LEADERSHIP AWARD                                                             Tori Lubeck

TARRA LODGE YEAR 10 LEADERSHIP AWARD                                                           Sylvia Akers     

ADF LONG TAN LEADERSHIP AWARD – YEAR 10                                                          Sylvia Akers

ADF LONG TAN LEADERSHIP AWARD – YEAR 12                                                          Ebony Cook      

BIRD FAMILY TRUST SCHOLARSHIP – Tertiary Education                                              Talan Watson-Ponsford

BIRD FAMILY TRUST SCHOLARSHIP – Tertiary Education                                              Felicity Baird

YARRAM & DIST HEALTH SERVICE SCHOLARSHIP-Tertiary Health Education               Kara Askew

YARRAM & DIST HEALTH SERVICE SCHOLARSHIP-Tertiary Health Education               Hannah Finn                 

YARRAM & DIST HEALTH SERVICE SCHOLARSHIP-Tertiary Health Education               Mia Ireland

YARRAM & DIST HEALTH SERVICE SCHOLARSHIP-Tertiary Health Education               Amy Janssen               

DUX OF SCHOOL 2021             YSC SCHOOL COUNCIL                                              Hannah Finn

Achievement Awards

YEAR 7 Lexie Francis                 Tennille Leadoux                     William Cook
Vanessa Beenck DUX: Billie Kee

YEAR 8 Darby Taylor                  Chloe Oakes                             Gemma Sturgess

Jack Van de Lustgraaf    Lydia Trotta DUX:  Hector MacAulay & William Pearson

YEAR 9 Lilly Collins                   Katelyn Van de Lustgraaf         Francis Edwards

Ryan McAlpine DUX: Thomas Radon

YEAR 10 Mikayla Papworth          Takara Barns                           Kate Ryan

Lily Laurence                 Mylie Taylor DUX- Sylvia Akers

YEAR 11 Molly Fisher                   Leo Cashmore                Lily Kerrison-Male         Luca Langdon                   Jarian Long

DUX-Evie Collins

YEAR 12  Grace Furlong                   Ebony Cook                 Emma Van de Lustgraaf

Mia Ireland                    Kara Askew DUX- Hannah Finn

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