Yr 9 Community Shooting

Students from the Year 9 Shooting Community Program had perfect weather for their celebration day on 27th November. The program finished with a clay target competition at the Sale Field and Game Grounds. The students were very competitive and demonstrated safe firearms handling skills. All students have attained their Junior Shooter’s Licence and have demonstrated proficiency with different firearm categories. They have also learnt the fundamentals of Victorian Firearms Law and have been engaged in a firearms maintenance practice. Results from the competition were- Brydie Foat 13/15 -1st, Krystal Davis 12/15 – 2nd, Sam Groombridge- 10/15- 3rd,                      Chelsea Smith- 9/15 4th after a shootoff, Mariah Armstrong 9/15 5th, Dawn Moule 8/15 6th, Emma Gash 6/15 7th after a shoot off, Zoe Henderson 6/15 8th, Taya Brunton 6/15 9th



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