Year 8 Students Access Monash

As part of the Schools Access Monash Program Year 8 students visited the Monash Gippsland campus on Wednesday the 11th of September and shared their experience with year 8 students from Mirboo North Secondary College. They were given the opportunity to explore the campus with a scavenger hunt activity, and then the real work began.

Our year 8 students creative skills were given a workout with a media creative writing activity, a science activity and an insight into marketing and product branding.

One group were asked to present their media work to the entire audience as their creativity had impressed the day’s organiser immensely. The audience were treated to Kade Price Handley singing and rapping his way through a repertoire of diverse songs that had been written with a common theme of talented rodents. This burst of creativity and entertainment was a hit with the assembled students and special mention goes to Jeremy and Brooke for their efforts as back up dancers. Cody Edwards did a commendable job introducing the article and each song selection.

The feedback from the students : Great place, great food, what a library!, I could see myself studying here, that was fun!


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