Yr 12 study camp

Day 1- Off to a early morning start, year 12 VCE students made their way down to Melbourne for their first day of study camp. From the get go the trip was destined to be, well let’s just say interesting. Eventually we were on our way to exploring the big city.     First stop for Demaria bus lines was Monash Clayton, to explore the campus that has 29,000 students in attendance. The usual talks about uni life and courses was had, and the chance to ask current students about their experiences of uni life. We were given the chance for a tour around just some of the facilities that Monash has at their Clayton campus. To finish our experience at Monash we were given a rather helpful information session on study techniques for throughout the year and just before the exams.    It was then off to the Miami Hotel to unpack and unwind before our nighttime activities.For the evening it was either off to the movies or off to experience the challenges of scaling the walls of Hardrock rock climbing. The latter of the two involved yet another trip on Demaria Bus lines. Fun was had at both activities, it was all round great way to end the day.  Tomorrow we are all off to experience RMIT and ACU Universities and what they both have to offer to their students. Of course the day will involve some adventuring around our beloved city of Melbourne.

Day 2 – Today on day two of our year 12 study camp our first stop of the day was to RMIT. Then we had a presentation on the uni life of RMIT at the city campus. We were informed that there were 25,000 students on campus in the city. We all had fun on the RMIT scavenger hunt, with the winning team being Wyatt, Holly, Georgie, Shawna and Jed. We had free time and did heaps of fun stuff like shopping and losing our group members! (*cough* Adam’s group *cough*) After we were all together we then made our way to ACU where we had a tour from students and got to sit in on a nursing tutorial for taking blood tests. After we had more free time we left and went to the themed restaurant Witches in Britches. We had a super fun time listening to the music and going through the creepy tunnel of terror to enter, this place could definitely give Dracula’s a run for their money! Also, it was fun to see Mr Clarke up on stage, where his design skills were put to the test. At the end of the night I think most of us were happy with the food and were happy to go to sleep.                                               Trinity Andrews.

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