Yr 11 Food and Technology visit Fonterra Foods

Recently as part of the Cows Create Careers project, students from VCE Food and Technology travelled to Fonterra Foods in Darnum, to get a better understanding of dairy processing and careers within the dairy industry.
Daniel Neale, a representative of Fonterra, who came and visited VCE Food and Technology a short time ago to talk with the class, was our guide. As we toured the facilities, students learned that the Darnum site was located on 750 acres that are used as a ‘green field’ site. This means that Fonterra limits its impact on the environment by treating waste water etc. on site and putting it back into the land. The crops that are harvested are distributed amongst the local community.
One of the things that students found fascinating at Fonterra, was learning that the majority of the technology was automated, with four staff manning a ‘control room’ that monitored the machinery.
Over all that day was a very interesting and worthwhile excursion.
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