Youth Parliament

YSC is very proud of Wyatt Kilgower, Patrick Petterson and Shawna Miller who are involved in the 2013 YMCA Youth Parliament program.  Annually, young people aged 16 to 25 participate in the program. Twenty teams of six participants receive training in public speaking and leadership at residential camps, as they research issues that they’re passionate about. From this research they develop a Bill, which they debate in Victorian Parliament over three days each July.

The program provides a great personal and professional development opportunity, and the Bills, which are handed to the relevant Ministers, provide the government with insight from a younger demographic.

Wyatt, Pat and Shawna have just returned from a weekend training camp and are in the process of developing their Bill with two other students in the Wellington Shire. Their Bill is related to the lack of access to public transport in rural areas, focussing on the Gippsland region.

See video clip below:

Youth Parliament

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