Year 9 Duck Box Project

On Monday May 5th we went out to Ken and Marina Dixon’s farm at Calrossie to look at the wetland set up by Landcare and CMA, to preserve the area for animals like ducks so that they have some where to breed. There also were men from the Wulgunggo Ngalu learning centre helping, and a lady from Landcare talking to us about the wetland needed for the ducks.

There was also some rare gum trees for animals like possums and bats to breed in. After talking to us about wetlands we got the duck boxes and the posts and started to cut the bottom of the posts so they would stick into the ground. After we got all the posts into the ground we drilled the boxes to the post and put wire through them to help them stay in place. At 2:00pm we got all the boxes up.

We hope to revisit the site after winter rain creates the wetland and animals use the boxes.

By Rhianna Woolford 9A

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