Year 9 Community Program visits Wombat Studios

24th March 2014

Today as part of the Year 9 Community Program, The Rock Band travelled to the back of Boisdale to Wombat Studios to record four songs they have learnt over the past few years.  With the help of Saul Stainer, students had a very successful day.

Watch out for the launch of their CD!

The day at Wombat Studios was really entertaining and fun to watch. I think that everyone else there thought it was a great day to. I think the teachers that organised it made a really good choice, to come here. Everyone liked the day, and the location and teachers were great. Thanks to Barry the owner of the recording studio for letting us use his facility.

By Sarah McDonald

It was a lot of fun and challenging because if you messed up you had to start again. There was a cute dog there to that was playful. We learned about how to record music and that all the mics are sensitive.

I think it was a great experience and I’m glad I did music as it can take you places.

By Nicky Morgan.

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