Year 9 Community Group Seeks Local History in Kayaks

On the 25th of October, Mr Webster’s community class set out from Alberton boat ramp in kayaks and canoes in search of discovering a little local history while enjoying the outdoors. The weather couldn’t have been better and, after the students re-familiarised themselves with the techniques required to keep them balanced and moving in a straight line, they set off for the first stop which was the Alberton Cemetery. This particular cemetery is known to be the oldest in Gippsland and one of the oldest in Australia and is also the only known cemetery that was originally accessed by boat. The students took the time to read over some of the graves and were amazed at not only how old some of them are but also how many of them had interesting stories attached to them.

From there we set off to the caravan park which was approximately a 6kms trip and, as the students skills picked up, unfortunately so did the wind. What was once a beautifully calm day had now turned into conditions more suited for flying a kite. Luckily only about 20% of the trip was facing into the wind so, although the experience did test the groups fitness levels, they all appeared to enjoy the challenge of working against the elements.     

When we arrived at the caravan park there appeared to be a real feeling of accomplishment and although most were quite exhausted, the thought of having fish ‘n’ chips at Alberton was enough to find that little extra energy to get changed and pack up the kayaks.

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