Year 9 Class Clowns

Friday April 19

9A and 9B set off in Sudsy’s bus for the Comedy Festival and arrived in Melbourne with plenty of time to look at buskers, shop in Melbourne Central and eat.

We went to the Class Clowns National Final in the Melbourne Town Hall.  This was about students from around Australia doing standup comedy acts. Some of them were very funny as were the hosts and the guest performers “Pajama Men”.

It went a bit longer than anticipated and with having to walk back to the bus and the Friday afternoon traffic, we got back to Yarram very late, but safely – thanks to Sudsy.  Apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this.

Some comments from the students.

“overall, class clowns was a quite enjoyable performance.  All the acts were very comedic and the extra act, The Pajama Men, were a highlight” –Kristen

“our trip to the Melbourne Comedy Festival was an interesting experience and the acts overall were good” -Rachel

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