Year 8 Students visit Sale Magistrates Court

Recently as part of a partnership with Sale Magistrates Court, Legal Aide and Sale Police, Year 8 students were invited to Sale Magistrates court to get a better understanding of the emotional, social and legal implication of ‘sexting’. Zac Richards volunteered to play the part of ‘Alfred’ a child whose phone had been found to have ‘racy’ photographs of his girlfriend. As a result the police officer stated that he had been charged with procurement of a minor and distributing child pornography. The rest of the Year 8s watched as Alfred’s Lawyer and Mother fought the charges and pleaded his case before the Judge.

At the conclusion of the mock court case, students were given the opportunity to ask the Judge, Police Officer and Legal Aide questions about young people, their rights, responsibilities and the law. Miss Demaria and Mr Praetz were very proud of the students. They were well behaved, and asked mature, relevant questions.

The entire court case was filmed and Zac was interviewed by WIN News. The Gippsland Times also came to report on the mock court case and has placed a small piece on their website.

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