Year 8 excursion to Monash University, Caulfield

On Friday the 14th of September, 37 year 8 students attended a workshop entitled “out of the box” run by Monash University at its Caulfield campus. This activity was run in the art and design department of the university by university lecturers. The students were set the task of designing a totem pole or other structure based on a word randomly given to each individual student and ordered in display by a number allocated to each member of the group.

Sound complex? Well this is actually a task that is given to first year art and design university students to assist them with developing their creativity, design and collaboration skills. Year 8 students from two other Secondary Colleges were also in attendance and this provided the unique opportunity for some of our students to collaborate with, and be inspired by different perspectives and cultural influences.  The outcomes produced displayed a wide variety of creative flair and enthusiasm for the workshop, well worth the 6am start.

Ot of the Box

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