Year 7’s off to a Flying Start

Allambee Camp was so good there are no words to describe it. It was a great experience to conquer our fears and make new friends. I made new friendships and made old ones better. The experience was challenging but fun. My favorite activity was the initiative course because you had to use a lot of team work to complete all activities. The giant swing was great too. I went up to the very top. The food was good on the first night when we had beef and veggies. It was yum. The staff were very nice, they helped you with the harnesses. They were also very helpful  and encouraging for you to do the activities. The teachers were fantastic too. They were really encouraging and helped with your fears. I loved this camp it was 10/10.

By Lauren

Last week I was privileged enough to spend two days at Camp Allambee.  It was a wonderful way to start 2015 and meet the new Year 7 students in an environment not constrained by four walls and the anxiety that accompanies starting high school.                                                                                                                   I arrived on the Thursday and was greeted by a sea of smiling faces. Archery was my first port of call and I was very happy to watch the students aim for their targets as I caught up on all the camp news from Ms Melanie Mitchell, who I was replacing.                                                                                                                               Over the next few hours I was given a lot of instruction on the Aims of the camp which include helping students to develop their independence, resilience and inclusiveness in a structured environment.  Students were also encouraged to display a positive attitude, to make new friends and to support each other.  To make these aims more visible students were able to earn a coloured bead for every activity they completed.  The archery group that I was with developed the skills of responsibility and perseverance and relieved the corresponding blue bead.                                                                                                                                            The rest of of the day followed in a similar fashion. With beads collected for stepping outside your comfort zone (giant swing), for working cooperatively to plan, build and solve problems (raft building) and for building confidence (billy carts and bouldering wall).  Free time before dinner was a relaxing hour supervising the pool followed by dinner and a walk or film option.  I elected to go on the walk which was a picturesque trek along a forest track with a group of highly active forest scavengers. Those who elected to stay back at camp watched the Leggo Movie and toasted wild apples on the fire under the careful supervision of Mr Clarke and Miss Adomeit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Before lights were finally dimmed on a very active day staff held a mini awards ceremony to acknowledge the personal growth and perseverance of the students that had been in their care, as as well as their contribution to building a strong and supportive Year 7 community.  The night ended on a high with everyone’s contribution to the success of the week acknowledged and valued.

I liked making new friends and getting to know people. We all got to be together and this was good because some people didn’t know anyone.  The activities were also really fun. – Kaylah Hands

I liked doing the vertical climb. At first I thought it was a bit scary but when I got to the top I felt really proud of myself.  I also got to make some new friends, two in particular were Delta and Kirra.-  Sierra Barnes

I learnt to make friends, and have fun, and to do things I wouldn’t normally do. The activities that challenged me the most were the Giant Swing ( I didn’t go up this my group just swung me on it) and the big night walks. -Tobi Penman

I learnt that I can trust all my friends, the teachers and my group. This makes me feel proud of myself. I was challenged by the Vertical Climb because I am scared of heights. I completed this because I got out of my comfort zone I did this with the help of my friends and Mr Praetz. – Jye Sullivan

I learnt that you needed to trust the equipment and to trust others and to work as a team. I learnt this through the activities especially the initiative course ( you had to trust other people to carry you through a spider we’d without dropping you).  The Giant Swing was better than I anticipated. The feeling of your tummy dropping out of your body was like free falling and then going up and back down backwards was almost worse than the initial drop!- Tom Mattern

-By Ms Kerrison


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