Year 7’s Dig for Information

On the 10th of September Year 7 students attended the Ian Potter Museum of Art at Melbourne University for a workshop with Dr. Andrew Jamieson on archaeological techniques. The students were given a tour of the museum and then sent on a hunt to discover information about the collection. The students also participated in an information session about ancient societies where they were able to share their knowledge of the subject. The importance of Primary Sources was explained in depth and this lead to the subject of the Rosetta stone and the important role it played in providing a translation of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Dr. Jamieson also provided some insight into his prior expeditions to Egypt and the results of his actual archaeological digs. Next it was the students’ turn to apply the principles of archaeology to hands on activities. Students learned to write their names in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, they learned techniques for classifying artefacts; they got the opportunity to examine antiquities and discuss their origin. They were also taught how to use colour scale, texture and measurement to piece together the origins and use of remnants of ancient broken pottery. We thank the staff of Melbourne University for their time and hospitality and in particular Dr. Jamieson for his enthusiasm and energy.


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