Year 7 Camp Day 2 – by Kali Irvine-Nagle

Day two was the most exciting day of camp so far! It was an early morning, and straight after breakfast we got into the activities.

The first one my group did was the Giant Swing. Before I got on I was really nervous, I have been on a giant swing before but it was just as scary! When I pulled the rope I felt like I was free falling!

The next activity we did was Archery. I wasn’t the best shot but Tanner was excellent! He thrashed us all!

Next we had a go of the flying fox. It was really relaxing. I was gliding along I felt like I was just floating.

Abseiling was a bit nerve racking! The most exciting part was when I lent backwards I really didn’t want to because I was sure I was going to fall!

Billy carting was heaps of fun! You went down really fast! The hill was very bumpy I fell off on the biggest bump and did a roll and grazed my arm. No major damage done just a badge of honour to go along with my new found sense of adventure. The rock climbing was the most fun! I had to climb around a wall using just foot and hand holds, and I got 2nd furthest.

Also today I made plenty of friends, strengthened old friendships and had a had plenty of fun!

Bring on day three!

 Kali Irvine-Nagle

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