Year 7 Boys State Badminton Finals

After an early departure, we made it to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre for the Year 7 State Badminton Finals. It was a great achievement to make it to state level, so a big congratulations goes out to Wayne McDonald, Zac Richards, Kade Price Handley and Kyle Wyett. They had blitzed the competition at the Wellington and Gippsland stages and now it was time for the boys to take on the best in the state.

They were placed in Section A along with Swan Hill College, Phoenix Community College and Maribyrnong College.

Their first round was against Maribyrnong College, who were very competitive and unfortunately our boys were convincingly defeated. Maribyrnong College went on to be ranked number one in Section A.

In the second round, we played Swan Hill College. Wayne McDonald got our first win for the day which was in the first game against Swan Hill so things were looking good. Unfortunately that ended up being our only win against them but there was a lot of close matches. Swan Hill won the round 124 – 93.

In the final round against Phoenix Community College, the boys really found their form. They dominated the round without dropping a game. They finished the round with six wins and 126 points to Phoenix’s zero wins and 50 points.

At the end of the day the boys were ranked third in Section A and they didn’t qualify for the semi-finals, but it was a great experience for them and they all had a great day.

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