Year 7 Allambee Camp – Lynda Hudson & William Wilson

I really liked the camp so far because of all the activities and fun things to do . On the first 2 days I was in Group 2 and we did activities like flying fox, the vertical challenge and hut building. My favourite activity would have to be vertical challenge. Not only is it high it’s also very challenging. Hut building we made a cone shaped hut. Nearly all of us fitted in.

The best thing about camp would be the lounge. It’s a really big space so everyone can fit in and have fun.

By Lynda Hudson


The past few days on camp have been great. All of the activities are fun. My favourite so far was the vertical challenge where we had to climb up a really high rope ladder and then some boards with a rock wall strapped to it. We did other activities like flying fox and hut building. My group is great and I have made so many friends so far. Another one of my favourites was orienteering where we used a compass to find map points.

By William Wilson


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