Year 12 VCAL Visit the Carter, Holt & Harvey Mill

Mr Rojo took the year twelve VCAL students to the mill on Monday the 23rd to learn how a good business works. We all walked to the front office to get our safety gear on which included safety glasses, ear plugs and a high visibility vest. We then were escorted by Julian Hay to a room where he had a fair bit to say about OH&S throughout the workplace.

After our discussion he showed us around the workplace where there were about 52 Employees working on site. Julian was telling us about all the produce they make and how much which was an incredible amount.

At the end of the tour Julian escorted us back to the office where we stripped off all our safety gear. We all had learnt a fair bit, enjoyed listening to the professionals and we had a great 1 hour experience.

Luke LeBlanc


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