Year 12 Study Camp Reflections

‘The tour and study skills were highlights.  I liked to see the uni in action and I liked the study skills session for the information on note taking.’ Laura Jonston

‘The study skills were good and going on a tour and seeing a day-in-the-life-of a uni student was also good.  This was followed by a fun activity (rock climbing) which gave the day balance.’ Nicole Missen

Motivational Speaker: (Travis Demsey)

Today Travis is a Motivational speaker, a drummer, a studio producer (working with bands and artists such as Kimbra, Goyte and Jet) and he owns an interior design business in Hobart.  On top of this he is a youth worker.  His life by his own admission is rich and varied and yet his life started with the same blockers as other kids; an alcoholic father, unstable family environment, troubled childhood and adolescence.  But he emphasised the importance of dreaming, setting goals and visualising a future where you are not only doing what you want to do but living the life you have visualised.

After great success with the band ‘The Living End’ Travis changes his life, redefines his goals and reinvents himself as a public speaker, youth worker and entrepreneur. So….chase your dreams.  Don’t waste your life drinking or doing drugs.  Live and dream.

Some great advice from a man who has worked hard to visualise and realise the things that are important to him.

A wonderful way to conclude a study camp aimed at looking at pathways and choice!


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