Year 12 Study Camp Monash University Visit

Our Monash tour started with an open ended question “how do you know if you want to go to university if you don’t know what a university is?  This simple question launched our senior students into the theme of the day. After a small intro by Melissa New (Schools Access Monash) we were divided into three groups and taken on an extensive university tour. Highlights of the tour included seeing the incredible sporting facilities, brains in the school of Bio-Medicine and the dorm rooms on campus (indeed one first year student let us invade her inner sanctum to ‘check out’ her bed, desk, wardrobe and Internet!). With Monash servicing 20,000 students at the Clayton Campus alone we were all a bit blown away!

Next, we retuned to the lecture theatre to be greeted by some old, familiar faces; Fern McAllan, Mikaelah Neilson and Casey Miller. These current Monash students and ex YSC students headed up a Q & A panel that looked at transitioning from the country to the city for study. It was wonderful to sit back and listed to Fern, Mikaelha & Casey tackle questions on relocation, the difficulties in juggling work/study and social commitments and settling into shared accommodation.

Next a well earned lunch break and a more informal chat with Fern, then back into the theatre for a  study skills session with a difference.  I think we all learnt something and I hope that we can all put into practice what we have learnt on our return.

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