Year 11 VCAL Students visit Yarram Primary School

This week the Year 11 VCAL students read their books to grade 1 students at Yarram Primary School. We had English first thing Wednesday morning.  We all jumped on the bus and headed down to the primary school. We all had books that we read to the younger kids, they all enjoyed us and they were all very well behaved.

 Most of us had written and illustrated our books on things that we enjoyed doing, or our favourite things. Some of us didn’t quite have enough time to finish the books. The day was a big success and we look forward to visiting again and spending more time with the primary school kids.  They had told us that they liked our books and would like us to go down again with more books.

 As a class we all look forward to going back and visiting the Yarram Primary School again.

Emily Wigg

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