Year 11 Psychology Excursion

As part of Unit 1 – An introductory to Psychology, year 11 students are studying the Visual Perception System.  So on Monday 18th March,  to extend our learning, we headed off to A Maze ‘N’ Things at Phillip Island.

A Maze ‘N’ Things has a huge collection of optical illusions and mind bending puzzles.  The students enjoyed the Shrinking Room (otherwise known as The Ames Room), where us shorties got to be the giants amongst the group.

On Puzzle Island everyone had a go on the drop slide, we made shapes on the huge pin board, and we put some heads on a platter. Ask Jed about the mirror maze, where things are not always as they seem. It’s not a good idea to run!  The giant maze stumped everyone. Not one group made it to all four flags.

To top off a great day, the students finished with a short game of mini golf.

Thanks to Brendan Skews for driving the bus and joining in on all the activities.

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