Year 11 Media Studies – Elizabeth Williams

At the moment in Year 11 Media we are doing a film study as part of a study of representation. The two films we are focusing on are Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock) and Under Suspicion (Simon Moore).  As part of our film study we have focused on themes (madness, lines, birds, money and the power of the dead), codes and conventions of horror and suspense and gender stereotypes. Not only have we been learning about the camera angles, editing, lighting and hidden meanings within the film, we are also learning how the director encourages us to identify with different characters – including killers. Over the last five weeks we have developed an understanding of why we identify and trust some characters, and why we quickly judge and mistrust others.

 As we’ve been studying the films we have been doing projects on them.  With these projects we have been given the opportunity to be as creative as we like. As we do our work we can re-watch the films to get quotes and gain a greater understanding of the films. The projects we have completed include:

1)      Making a list of words to explore our own individual theme. This gives us the opportunity to think outside the box or elaborate more on our ideas.

2)       Analyse a scene. When we analyse a scene we pay more attention to the finer details that we might have missed. When we do this we understand what we have to look for in other scenes, such as the angle of the camera, the visual composition and the importance of diegetic and non-diegetic sound.

3)      Collecting additional images from the film and allowing our creativity to explore different ideas and ways of presenting.

 By Elizabeth Williams, Year 11 Media

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