Year 11 Garden Project Update

As a student this year in Year 11 Vcal, we have been set the challenge of designing a garden near the front entrance to give people a warm and bright welcoming.

We put in an application into the school council to see if we could get approval for the garden we wanted to make.

The school was generous enough to help us out with our camp and are paying us for the work we do around the school. The cricket nets and concrete were removed and replaced with dirt. We had to spread the dirt out all evenly throughout the space.

We spent a few days trying to design what we wanted to do. The class went down to the nursery at Alberton.  We jumped on a bus and headed down to Alberton and we all picked a plant that we wanted to go in the garden: all native plants. We then decided we needed rock for the border of our garden, we went to Peter Shrubb’s house to collect a trailer load of rocks.

The first time we went to Peter’s house, Lauren and I created a written report on what has been done. Then we didn’t have enough rocks so we went back a second time and got some more. When we got back to school the people who didn’t come had to unload all the rocks.

The next day we all went out into the garden and moved the rocks from the grass and started making a little border of rocks around the outside of the garden. We are putting the money we earn towards our camp that we will be going on at the end of the year. All the work we can get around the school will be put towards our camp at Lake Tyres.

Emily  Wigg


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