Year 11 & 12 visit to Monash University Clayton Campus

Our schools involvement with Monash Universities SAM’s (Schools Access Monash) program continued on Wednesday with nineteen year 11 and 12 students travelling to Melbourne to discover the Clayton Campus. Careers advisor, Mrs Jenny O’Bree and I accompanied the students on the excursion. Our students got to meet some Monash Medical students and they asked questions about University life. The students also had an information session about ATAR Scores and how to apply for a university placement.

The students then were put in small teams and given a map of the universities grounds. They had to create a team name and then they were given a series of questions which they had to explore the grounds to find the answers. After an hour they all returned and the answers to the questions were given to reveal the winning team. Alex, Karly and Bec were the winners and they were rewarded with some small gifts.

The students then had an exam preparation lecture and were given lots of good advice about how to efficiently and successfully complete their exam papers. At this point it was great to see many of the students taking notes which will hopefully help them when they tackle their exams in October.

As we got back on the bus I heard the following comments from the students;

“How big is this place?”

“Did you see how many people were in the grounds?”

“They have good food here!”

“This was great to see!”

“I will think more about coming here next year”

All of these comments made me feel that it was a great experience for all these young people and a worthwhile trip.

Russell Mitchell


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