World’s Greatest Shave

At a lunchtime event today, a number of students had their heads shaved and legs waxed and 2 staff had their facial hair removed  for a great cause.  compares Corey Vicnio and Bailey Hall did a great job interviewing the shavees and giving a running comentary during the event.Over $2000 was raised for the World’s Greatest Shave. Run by the SRC, some students opted to dye their hair, some paid to have colored hairspray whilst five brave students had all their hair removed. Principal Mr Pedlow and teacher, Mr Clarke had their moustaches removed and a couple of boys had their legs waxed. A hair spray booth saw many students pay to have hairspray put in their hair and a large selection of cakes and bisciuts were donated for Ssale. donations are still rolling in. Well done to all who participated for such a worthy cause.

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