World Hunger and Fair Trade Expo Success

Thursday night 15th October, Year 9  students and staff of Yarram Secondary College hosted a  World Hunger & Fair Trade Expo as part of SOSE.                                                                                       The evening went very well with a large amount of people showing up.  Informative talks were given by teacher Taneon Jones and  Federation University lecturer Bryce. Taneon spoke about the environmental impact production of meats like sheep, beef, fish, pork can cause and Bryce spoke about things such as sweatshops and sewing factories and fair trade.                                                        Booths were scattered across the Regent Floor with other information regarding food production and scarcity. A group of the year 9’s proposed the idea for the Expo when asked what the final project should be about. Every day since then they’ve been gathering information, organising locations and guest speakers. It’s safe to say that it all turned out very well and was a success!

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