Wellington Aths

A large contingent of students competed at the Wellington Athletics at Newborough on August 19th, with some outstanding results. Students who came 1st or 2nd in a Track or field event are eligible to move onto the Gippsland Athletics @ Newborough next Thursday.

Trent Askew- 1500m 3rd, 100m 8th , 800m 5th , 400m 1st ,Luke van de Lustgraff- Shot Put 5th, Triple Jump 4th  , Mason Bragg- Javelin 1st , Daniel Mether- Discus 5th Breanne Uber- Discus 4th, Shot Put 4th , Ruby Lane- Long Jump 2nd , 100m 1st, Shot Put 3rd , 200m 2nd , Triple Jump 3rd , Maddy Parry- 1500m 3rd , 800m 3rd , 400m 3rd , Nicola Treller- Shot Put 3rdZach Cook- Javelin 4th, Shot Put 2nd , Lauren Tschuguel- Javelin 2nd , Hayley Rose Allen- High Jump 1st Kahil Sturgees- Triple Jump 4th , High Jump 3rd , Brooke Pattinson- 100m 2nd , Shot Put 4th , Triple Jump 4th , Will Southwell- 100m 5th , 400m 4th , Alex Jeffs- 100m 1st , Matthew Abernethy- Javelin 4th, Jad Jung- Javelin 1st , Chelsea Smith- Triple Jump 1st , 800m 1st , 400m 1st , Taylah Buckley- 800m 3rd , 400m 1st , Maddy Roberts- Javelin 4th , Discus 4th  , Jesse Biemans- Discus 2nd , Joel Akers- High Jump 5th , 200m 6th , Long Jump 3rd , Tiara Dwyer- Long Jump 4th , 13 Year Boys 4x100m Relay  3rd , 14 Year Boys  4x100m Relay 3rd ,  15 Year Girls 4x100m Relay 2nd



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