Wellbeing for All

The annual student wellness day was held today and was a resounding success. Students participated in various workshops during the morning relevant to their age groups including talks on drug and alcohol abuse, sexual health, mental health, bullying, body image and social media, cooking healthy snacks, Save a Mate and the world renowned “Man Cave” for boys. In the afternoon students got to choose physical activities including, sessions with Cricket Victoria, Casminton with Gippsport, Tai Chi, Ultimate Frisbee, Geocaching and a walk along the Port Albert Walking trail.

This day is an important part of the curriculum, with students expected to attend.

About The Man Cave- Our programs provide opportunities for young men, often for the first time in their lives: To realise that their daily challenges are widely shared; To redefine their experience of masculinity not as silence, isolation and indifference, but rather openness, vulnerability, trust and mutual responsibility; To develop their emotional toolkit to powerfully deal with the challenges of life; and To develop interpersonal skills that help them foster the important relationships they want and need.We achieve this by creating emotionally-rich ‘male positive’ sharing environments, intentionally built to create trust, confidentiality and peer support. These environments are grounded in best practice and the latest research on positive psychology, social and emotional intelligence, personal identity, ‘masculinities’, mental health and youth work.Research shows that such experiences build self-esteem, develop emotional and social intelligence, increase mental and physical wellbeing, build resilience and, ultimately, help our boys and young men lead a life of connectionpurpose and positive impact. Our parent/teacher/community workshops further strengthen the outcomes above by helping build a supportive community in which our boys can realise their full potential.-Hunter Johnson


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