VIVO Leaders

Senior School Report

Congratulations to Louis Rodaughan (Yr 11) and Peter Shrubb (Yr 12) who are currently in the lead with most Vivo points in VCE! A reminder to year 11 students that we have The Age VCE and Careers Expo TOMORROW!!!! 08 May – 8:30am to 5pm. It is free!. Make sure permission forms are handed in! We need some year 12 students who will be interested in designing and working with the Yearbook! Please see Mr Woods if interested.

Another reminder to all VCE students to attend all classes. If you are sick or absent from school, you must have a medical certificate. If you are going to be away – talk to your teacher BEFORE the date of the SAC. If you don’t, you will receive a ‘0’ for the SAC. Our policy is to have you complete the SAC before, not after, your holiday, fishing trip etc.



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