On Friday the 21st of July the year 11 Vet Outdoor Recreation class went mountain biking at the Foster Mountain Bike Track. Part of their course entails that they complete some study on mountain biking and they select, set up a mountain bike to suit their size and ability and plan a ride. The practical component was to demonstrate offroad cycling skills in various conditions and Foster was the perfect readymade place to do it. The student’s ability levels ranged from beginners to advanced and so based on their skill they got to choose tracks ranging from green (easy) blue (intermediate) to black (advanced).   The two instructors were Mr Webster who designed and built the trails and Mr Woods who is just starting to get into the sport and is becoming quite a handy rider. The track had many challenging aspects such as logs, roots, jumps, bumps, hills and slippery muddy sections and by the end of the day all the riders were showing confidence and attempting most obstacles.  Overall the day was a complete success as we had perfect weather, everyone enjoyed themselves and we able to further improve their mountain bike skills.


Photos courtesy of Yarram Standard News

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