VET Sport Mountain Bike Riding at Alberton West

On the 9th of September, the Year 11 Vet Sport and Recreation class ventured out to the Alberton West State Forest for a day of mountain bike riding. The day wasn’t just about mountain bike riding. The students were also being assessed on their navigation and emergency response skills, which proved to be very valuable later in the day.

The day started out with the class being split into two groups, one with Mr Webster and the other with Mr Henderson. Each group took off in a different direction and would meet up again for lunch at the Nissen Hut. On the way to the lunch destination there were several stops where the students had to visualise landmarks and features of the landscape to identify on the map their whereabouts. They also got to practice an emergency situation and how they would help their peers if they were to become injured.

Just before lunch Wyatt had a bit of a bingle (which was filmed on his helmet camera) which saw Mr Webster bush mechanic skills come out and returned Wyatt’s bike to a rideable condition. This also meant the students got a free ride around the lunch spot, giving Tim enough time to fall off in a puddle and half cover himself in mud.

The two groups swapped their route directions and were now going to take the opposite path back to the bus. Unfortunately, there was another spill with Holly hitting the dirt pretty hard. This meant Mr Henderson’s group got to put their emergency response skills into action. They bandaged up Holly and comforted her until she was able to be taken to hospital. They also had to redirect their route to the quickest way back to the bus. The students all did an excellent job dealing with the situation. They all proved they have the skills to be considered competent in basic mountain bike riding, basic navigation and responding to emergency situations. They should be congratulated on an excellent day out.

By Owen Henderson

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