VET Sport heads to the snow

On Tuesday, 28th July, 7 year twelve students headed up to the snow at Mount Baw Baw for our VET sport class. We met up at school at 6 in the morning , before heading on our trip to the snow. We got to the bottom of the mountain and were informed that we didn’t need to put our chains on as there was not much ice on the road. We got half way up when we saw our first bit of snow and the wheels of the bus started to slip from the ice on the road but we made it up safely in the end. We got our gear ready and chucked on as many layers as possible before we departed the bus to hire our skis and snowboards. We made it on to the slopes at around 10:00am while a few headed straight up to the lifts, others were trying to find their feet as they hadn’t been to the snow for a while. Besides misplacing Tyler for a short time, the first session was very successful as all students were getting more confident as the day went on. We all decided to go to the bistro there on the hill for lunch and were all very satisfied with the meals before heading out for the second and final session. Overall it ran fairly smoothly with a few heavy stacks from the boys attempting the jumps and obstacles. We finished up around 4:30pm, and  after a very enjoyable day on the mountain, we handed in  our hire boards and skis and set off for home.

-Tyler ChisholmIMG_2358


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