VET Engineering Students Complete TAFE Course

Over the past four weeks, eighteen year 11 and 12 VET Engineering students attended Advance TAFE at the Fulham Campus to learn the DC Electrical course and Gas Welding Unit.

The year 12 students completed the Electro Technology Unit over the four weeks under the guidance of TAFE instructor Lance Martin. All students successfully completed the course and Lance commented to our Engineering teacher Mr Dows that the students were excellent learners and he was impressed with their approach to learning.

Mean while Mr Dows started the Welding and Thermal Cutting Unit with his year 11 students at the TAFE to give them some TAFE workshop experience. This unit will be ongoing throughout the year and completed here at Yarram Secondary College.

All students enjoyed their time at the TAFE and found it to be a worthwhile experience while interacting with the TAFE’s apprentices.

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