VenomWise visit

On Friday 9th November Jeff and Cassandra from VenomWise in Traralgon delivered a presentation for all students from years 7 – 9. Jeff and Cassandra share their home with a number of unusual Australian ‘pets’ which they brought to our school. The students were told about the habits of the animals, if they were venomous, how deadly and what precautions to take if someone was bitten.

The students were all given the opportunity to see the animals first hand and could all hold / pat some of the animals.

The most popular were the 2 dingos pups (who although prefer to live in packs) were extremely friendly to all.

Among the animals that the students handled were 3 different types of pythons (non venomous), a central bearded dragon (lighter in colour than ‘Bert’ from room 22), and a 50cm crocodile (his jaws were taped shut just in case).

There was also a miniature monitor lizard (ie a goanna that was 12cm long) and 2 venomous snakes, the tiger and the brown (both kept in glass cases) that the students were shown. The tiger snake and the brown snake are 2 of the most venomous snakes in the world and Australia has 8 of the top 10 venomous snakes in the world.

Jeff and Cassandra were great presenters and many of the students commented how they were now less afraid at the mention of snakes.

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