VCE Mid-Year Exam Timetable

Important information for all VCE Students:

  1. The VCE subject exams will be conducted during class time from Monday 03 June to Friday 07 June.
  2. All VCE exams will be 75min in length – including reading time.
  3. If you are unable to attend an exam you will need to make alternative arrangements with the classroom teacher.
  4. Some of the exams at VCE will be a unit outcome.  Please be aware then, if you fail the exam you may indeed fail the unit.  Please make sure that you are organised and prepared for your exams.
  5. All students currently completing a VCE Unit 3 (i.e. Year 12 subject), must sit the General Achievement Test (GAT).

You can look at the VCE Mid-Year Exam Timetable here.

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