VCAL Students Receive Landcare Grant from Richmond Football Club

On Tuesday August 20th,  the year 11 VCAL students went down to Melbourne to receive a $5000 grant through Landcare and the Richmond Football Club.

In the morning we arrived to school as normal and then we left for Melbourne via Morwell. We even saw snow on the side of the road. We arrived at the MCG early so we had a kick in the park before we went on the tour of the MCG. We all learnt a lot from the tour. Our guide Helen kept getting cranky at Russ and Rojo for falling behind!

When we finished the tour we went back to the bus and drove 1 and a ½ km down the road to Punt Road. We were again early so we kicked the football in the park for ½ an hour. We then went into the new Richmond Club Rooms and had a tour.

We then went into a room and we were presented the grant by Nathan Foley the Landcare rep for Richmond Football Club. We then all went down to the front of the new rooms and planted a Blackwood Tree. Then we went back in and had lunch and interviewed Nathan. After that we headed home. We stopped at Officer to fill up with diesel and also on Maccas and KFC. It was a good drive back to school and a good day all over.

Shawn Vening and Tim Franke, Year 11 VCAL.

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