VCAL Camp Day 2

Today, six keen individuals were up a 6.30 to cook up a quick feed of eggs and bacon before grabbing the surf boards and heading to the beach again. The waves weren’t big but there were plenty of them.

Others got up at there leisure through out the morning with Jayden and Dem rising last at 9.30. As the surfers returned from the waves the cooking continued with many cereal boxes being finished along with several kilos of bacon and forty odd eggs. The weather was now beautiful and everyone was content to just soak up some rays and rest a little.

Mr Dows made up a big mix of his famous pan cake mixture ready for the lunch rush. As the clock approached midday, Dowsy began to cook his pan cakes. The smell brought all the students in and they began to drool over the light fluffy flat cakes. As quick as Dowsy could flip the pancakes they were being eaten. Over the next hour over 100 pancakes were consumed and everyone was raving about how good they were!

Then it was off to Sandy point for a look around. Half the students settle in for a round of Mini Golf, while the rest headed to the beach for a game of cricket.

An hour later everyone was back on the bus and heading for Shallow Inlet. Here there where large sand dunes to climb and tumble down and some inlet fishing to do. Josh caught two nice salmon on a lure, while the bait fishermen just looked on.

Back to camp for a shower and a change of clothes before heading to Leongatha. We started at Mr Pizzas pizza shop were everyone received a large pizza for tea. After tea we were off to the movies where half the students chose to watch”Taken 2″, while the rest went to watch “Looper”.

All enjoyed their respective movies but still feeling a little peckish they thought a quick feed of Maccas would keep them going! Then it was time to return to camp to try to get some kip.

A big day is planned for Thursday. Can’t wait!

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