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The year 11 and 12 VCAL students headed down to Waratah Bay today for their first of a four day camp. On arrival at the caravan park students settled into their cabins before cooking a feed on the outdoor BBQ. Then under the watchful eye of life saver Louise, they hit the waves.

The year 12 boys started with some nice waves showing us all their surfing style. A couple of boys also headed out on the surf kayaks. Over the next few hours students were going in and out of the water and the conditions where great!

About three o’clock it was time for another cook up as all the water sports had worked up big appetites. Shortly after some big sets of waves started to role in again so it was back to the beach. Daniel and Michael where loving the conditions as the surf continued to role in.

Before we knew it another couple of hours had rolled past and it was tea time.

Russ Porter and Jayden Barlow cooked up  a big feed of hamburgers, onions, sausages and coleslaw. Again these young adults feasted and boy they can eat!

Back down the beach after tea for some surf fishing and this is where the action began….

The boys were getting plenty of bites when suddenly Daniel caught a small fish. This was then attacked by a six foot shark which jumped out of the waves in the surf. The shark let the smaller fish go and swam off.

This got the fishermen’s blood pumping as they scurried to get bigger baits into the water. Next minute Daniel Jones was on with a big fish. A big shark was thrashing around in the waves.

But there was devastation for Daniel as the shark bit through the line.

Daniel re-rigged his line and started again. Ten minutes past and then his line screamed off again and after a fight he manged to bring a large shark onto the beach.

All the kids were wrapped to have caught such a big fish. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

More tomorrow night!

Russell Mitchell

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