U@University Program

Australian Catholic University was home for  some of our  Year 10 students  for the U@UNIVERSITY program, facilitated from 16-20 January this year

The program objectives were:

  • Demystify higher education for specific groups by providing opportunities to become familiar with the everyday reality of university education and campus life.
  • Encourage a perception of university as a positive and beneficial post-secondary option.
  • Provide opportunities for students to visit and use university campuses.
  • The students had a great time whilst learning about university life and all “graduated” from the program.
  • On the 16th of January 2017; Shane Barlow, Hayley Allen, Sarah Myers, Sara Trotman and Logan Pollard travelled down to Newman College Melbourne, for a week long university experience at Australian Catholic University.

    Throughout the week we got to know each other through many different group activities and attended classes and lectures at the ACU campus. On the Monday we formed groups which we then would then work within throughout the week. Majority of the activities that we were doing were to get to know the ACU group and the groups that were formed at the beginning.

    On the Tuesday we had our first class, with a 40 minute walk from our rooms to the campus we then started our English classes. We had four sessions of English, the first one being a lecture. Di took us through the day, we learnt all about the rules of conversation and what s.p.e.a.k.i.n.g stood for. After English we went to the Australian Art gallery and looked at some of there most prized pieces. We were taken around by a guide and told the stories behind each piece. The last thing we done on We also attended an Aboriginal Immersion, during this we were taught about the elders of the land and the traditions that came from their culture.

    Wednesday was our Math classes, the first half of the day we had two math sessions. During these we looked at speed, distance and a little bit of geography. We looked at the speed of tennis balls on a court as we were going to the tennis after Math. Once we’d had lunch we headed off to Melbourne Park were we split off into groups of our choice and spent around 4 hours walking around and walking the grounds of the arena. After we left the tennis we walked down and had Pizza by the Yarra River, we spent a couple of hours there then, went back to Newman College.

    Thursday was the last full day we all had together. Our first class was an Engineering class held again at the ACU campus. Throughout this class we had a go at controlling robots, they set up an obstacle course and each team had to make it through. Our next class for that day was Science, in this class we looked at the formula of sunscreen. We paired up and had a go at creating our own and trying to change the formula to make the sunscreen cheaper but still as effective. The last class for the day and for the whole experience was Design. In this session we walked around the city looking at the architecture of the old style buildings and how the city have changed throughout the years.

    Thursday was also our Graduation, we got all dressed up and we even got given the cap and gown. We had a couple of speeches from the teachers and heads of Australian Catholic University. We got called up one by one to receive our certificates. After dinner we made speeches to conclude our time at ACU.

    Friday we did a couple a final activities and reflected on the week that was. We said our goodbyes and then left to come back home.


    By Logan

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