Tour of Changshu

Today we were treated to a tour of some of the famous sites around Changshu city. Four of the English teachers were our guides for the day and did a wonderful job of looking after us.

At the first site we found out that it was Double Nice Day or Old Man’s Festival, which is a special day where the Chinese people pay their respects to the elderly. We visited the tomb of Yan Yan who was a famous student of Confucius. Chinese people climb the many steps on this day to the tomb half way up Yushan Hill.

After visiting the tomb we did a long walk up Yushan Hill to see a part of the wall that was originally built around the city of Changshu. Many of the cities in China were originally built inside protective walls. This part of the Changshu wall has been rebuilt as a tourist attraction, and there is a fantastic view of the city from the wall.

On the way up to the wall an old man stopped to talk to us. He sang and danced and told us he was 78 years old! His secret to being so fit and healthy was to lead a good and happy life. He shared some photos with us and Patrick gave him a small kangaroo as a gift.

We walked along the wall and down the many steps back into the centre of Changshu. Our guides then took us to a dumpling restaurant for a delicious lunch. The staff were very excited to have us in their restaurant and asked to take photos with us. The dumplings were delicious. Lewis and Sam ate more than 20 dumplings each!

After lunch we visited a traditional Chinese Medicine practice and then toured through the Changshu Museum. The Museum was excellent and provided us with a lot of information about the history of Changshu. There were also excellent displays of paintings, jade carvings and calligraphy implements.

After such a busy morning we spent some time relaxing in Changshu Park after the museum. We all purchased ice-creams and sat on the grass in the sunshine. The park is a very popular place with many people coming there to exercise, walk their dogs or fly kites.

After our rest in the park we caught a bus back to school and spent some time in the library writing our reflections and working on our project questions. Students then met up with their Pals to head home for the third night of home-stay.

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